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Origin of the NMTCCCA -It was 1987

This 1987 document shows the origin and birth of the NMTCCCA - CLICK ...

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“Native American Perspectives on Life and Coaching”

A History Around the Course and Down the Track with “Doc” A Conversation with Daniel Chinana (Indian Name: Tobacco Mound) Jemez Pueblo Anazai Descent – Jemez Valley High School Hall of Fame Bruce Gomez (Indian ...

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Reflections on the History of and Coaching Women's Track

Join Doc helm in a conversation with Kathy Brion of Eldorado and Lacy Lockwood of East Mountain as they share their personal thoughts on the history of coaching women's track ...

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A History - Presidential Conversations

Join Doc helm in a conversation with past NMTCCCA Presidents David Nunez (2004-2006) and Kelly Osuna (2012-2014) as they share their personal thoughts on serving as President for the NMTCCCA....

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A History - XC with Adam Kedge and Curtis Williams

A HistoryAround the Course and Down the Track with "Doc" A conversation with:Adam Kedge - Albuquerque Academy - Hall of FamerandCurtis Williams - Gallup - Hall of Famer PERSONAL INSIGHTS and a ...

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Doc talks with two founding members

A History Around the Course and Down the Track with “Doc” A Conversation with Bob Sepulveda – Alamogordo – Hall of Famer and Ron Singleton – Carlsbad – Hall of Famer “The Birth and Conception of ...

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Hall of Presidents - NMTCCCA

NMTCCCA HALL OF PRESIDENTS(If anyone has photos for those missing or corrections, please email them to joegiglianm@gmail.com)   1988-89   Marylin Sepulveda Alamogordo High School 1989-90   Curtis Williams Gallup High School 1990-91   Blaine Clark Sandia High School 1991-92   Bob Sepulveda Alamogordo High School 1992-94   Gary Sanchez Highland ...

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Coach, Advocate and Pioneer

For track and field coaches around the state, when you hear the word Bloomfield, you immediately associate it with a program of history, tradition and excellence. The four corners ...

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By Ron Singleton, November 2007. I do not know how many times I have been asked to write down some of the events that I have experienced during my fifty years ...

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Hall of Honor
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Hall of Fame   -    Hall of Honor

These are coaches since 1987 that have been member in the NMTCCCA for 15 years. He/she have contributed to our coaching profession in positive ways. These coaches have shown distinction and success through involvement such as clinic speaking/attendance, regional representation/office, committee work ( Sports Specific and/or NMTCCCA clinic ), and has consistently developed program(s) of excellence as shown by 1-3 State placements, and District Championships/runner-ups along with athletes who were All District and State. Each coach, as a mentor, has educated and developed core values and integrity to new coaches.

  Joe Giglia
Cimarron (29 years)
*Past President
  Mike Gorospe Santa Fe Indian School
  Chris Jaramillo Valley * Past President, Clinic Director
  Adam Kedge Albuquerque Academy
  Eldon Smith Hobbs, Lovington
  Mark Henry La Cueva and UNM
  Tim Rice Crownpoint
  Wayne Prentice APS Track Official
  Dewey Bohling Menaul

  Kathy & Rob Hipwood Los Alamos
  Pete Shock Cliff

  Joe Bailey Moriarty
  Fred Polich Del Norte
  Bob Vandiver Grants *Past President

  Larry Baca
Los Alamos
  David ‘Doc’ Helm Alamogordo *Past President
  David Nunez Onate *Past President

  Leroy Armijo West Las Vegas
  Bob Jackson Hobbs
  George Provolt Manzano
  Mark Turner Piedra Vista

  George Chavez Robertson, Tucumcari
  Leroy Chavez Maxwell, Robertson, Cimarron
  Bruce Gomez Taos
  Peter Graham Santa Fe

  Chris Carroll Zuni
  Daniel Chinana Jemez Valley

  Tony Notah


  Alice Kinlichee Shiprock

  Lenny Gurule St.Michaels

  Salomon Gonzales
Rio Rancho

  Daniel Osuna
Silver City