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Origin of the NMTCCCA -It was 1987

This 1987 document shows the origin and birth of the NMTCCCA - CLICK ...

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“Native American Perspectives on Life and Coaching”

A History Around the Course and Down the Track with “Doc” A Conversation with Daniel Chinana (Indian Name: Tobacco Mound) Jemez Pueblo Anazai Descent – Jemez Valley High School Hall of Fame Bruce Gomez (Indian ...

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Reflections on the History of and Coaching Women's Track

Join Doc helm in a conversation with Kathy Brion of Eldorado and Lacy Lockwood of East Mountain as they share their personal thoughts on the history of coaching women's track ...

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A History - Presidential Conversations

Join Doc helm in a conversation with past NMTCCCA Presidents David Nunez (2004-2006) and Kelly Osuna (2012-2014) as they share their personal thoughts on serving as President for the NMTCCCA....

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A History - XC with Adam Kedge and Curtis Williams

A HistoryAround the Course and Down the Track with "Doc" A conversation with:Adam Kedge - Albuquerque Academy - Hall of FamerandCurtis Williams - Gallup - Hall of Famer PERSONAL INSIGHTS and a ...

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Doc talks with two founding members

A History Around the Course and Down the Track with “Doc” A Conversation with Bob Sepulveda – Alamogordo – Hall of Famer and Ron Singleton – Carlsbad – Hall of Famer “The Birth and Conception of ...

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Hall of Presidents - NMTCCCA

NMTCCCA HALL OF PRESIDENTS(If anyone has photos for those missing or corrections, please email them to joegiglianm@gmail.com)   1988-89   Marylin Sepulveda Alamogordo High School 1989-90   Curtis Williams Gallup High School 1990-91   Blaine Clark Sandia High School 1991-92   Bob Sepulveda Alamogordo High School 1992-94   Gary Sanchez Highland ...

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Coach, Advocate and Pioneer

For track and field coaches around the state, when you hear the word Bloomfield, you immediately associate it with a program of history, tradition and excellence. The four corners ...

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By Ron Singleton, November 2007. I do not know how many times I have been asked to write down some of the events that I have experienced during my fifty years ...

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