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Train to be fearless

This is a standard 110m/100m hurdle workout with an emphasis on eliminating the fear factor in order to get the athlete to race the hurdles in a meet.



Many high school hurdlers and coaches practice with all the hurdles on the regular marks, fearing that if they can’t do it in practice, then they won’t be able to do it in a meet. They forget to adjust for all the meet variables; lack of adrenaline being the foremost, less time to stretch or warm up, or not running in spikes.

So with that in mind, set up five to six hurdles, with the first hurdle on the regular mark, the second hurdle one foot in from the mark, the third hurdle two feet in from the mark, etc. In practice, sparingly have your athletes practice with the hurdles on the regular marks, almost always practice with the hurdles moved in.

From a standing start, or from a sprinter-style three-point stance, sprint over all of the hurdles. Jog or bounce back on the balls of the feet, then go again. Do two sets of about ten reps per set.

A full workout would be 100 to 120 hurdles, focusing on a specific aspect of technique. Rest between sets should be 5-7 minutes, staying active by stretching or doing drills. This is a good workout to do at any time of the year. Late in the season, however, you would want to decrease the number of reps.