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kashonHarrison18By: Staff, Farmington Daily Times
(Photo: Courtesy of PhotoRun.net)

FARMINGTON — Kashon Harrison concluded his illustrious high school cross-country career by earning consecutive third-team All-American honors today.

The Kirtland Central cross-country star placed 11th out of 40 runners across the nation at the 2018 Foot Locker Cross Country Championships National Finals in San Diego.

Harrison’s time was 15 minutes, 34.4 seconds, a 16.5-second improvement from his first nationals appearance in 2017. 

He was also the top finisher among those representing the West region, which sent 10 boys and 10 girls to nationals.

Harrison had to contend with stout competition while placing near the front of the pack.

Harrison tried to push ahead of the front line of runners, darting into the far-right lane during the first mile, but he struggled to get the slot he wanted. He found space by shifting to the left shortly afterward, but couldn’t pull ahead while approaching the first downhill portion of the course.


Despite his struggles to take the lead, Harrison stuck with the front pack in the right lane while trekking across a big loop approaching the second mile.

"I think I was just being patient," Harrison said.

Harrison hung in there among the leaders for roughly 75 percent of the race. But he fell back significantly from the front going up the last big hill on the course at approximately the 12-minute mark.

Despite the final outcome, Harrison was named a third-team All-American for the second straight year. Runners must place in the top 15 to be named an All-American.

Harrison is also a four-time district champion and two-time state champion. Today marked the final chapter of his high school cross-country career, which is filled with accolades.

Harrison said competing at nationals during his final two high school seasons helped him reinforce his drive to keep pushing. He said he appreciates the experiences that giant stage made available to him. 

Harrison said he is planning to continue his cross-country career at the college level, but he is still undecided on which school he will choose.


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