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Curtis Beach currently 14th, best events to come.
Written by JG    Wednesday, 09 March 2011 09:40    PDF Print E-mail

College Station, TX.- Curtis Beach completes Day 1 at  NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Last 3 events slated for today, May 11th.



Four events down, three to go. Currently in 14th position, Duke's (previously of Albuquerque Academy) Curtis Beach felt he could have done better in two of his events with the shot being almost four feet off his season PR.

Curtis currrently has 3009 points, 339 points behind the current leader Mantas Silkauskas (3347) of Kansas State. Silkauskas, a junior, competes internationally for Lithuania but lives in the United States.

Though personally not happy with his day one results, Curtis kept his focus on enjoying the meet and going out and doing his best one event at a time.

Scheduled for today are the sixty meter hurdles, pole vault and the 1000. All three are solid events for Beach. Almost a year ago to date, he ran a 2:27.88 in the 1000 to set a world record in the men's heptathlon. 

The NCAA Indoor Championships are being hosted at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. ESPN 3 is streaming the meet live Saturday March 11th from Noon-4:55p.m. The event will also appear on a tape delay on ESPN 2 on Wednesday March 16th from 2:30p.m.-4p.m. Live results will be posted at

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