NMTCCCA seeking seeking new clinic leadership.
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Life is about change, and after providing the the coaches of New Mexico with nothing but five star quality clinics over the years, NMTCCCA Clinic director Spencer Sielschott is passing on the baton.

In his letter to the board, Spencer said, "I feel it is time for me to pass this endeavor to someone else. It has been an experience that I am proud to have served our association.Please thank the Board of Directors for allowing me to put my touch on this clinic."

NMTCCCA President, Kelly Osuna, is putting the next steps in motion to insure that the clinic stays with the quality the Spencer has provided. " We have been very Blessed for all Spencer has done for NMTCCCA and the Clinic.  We will need to find at least 4 people to work the Clinic just to cover all that Spencer did" said Osuna.

With speakers being scheduled so far in advance, Kelly Osuna also noted that we will need to begin finding speakers as soon as possible.

ANYONE knowing of possible speakers or that would like to help take leadership in insuring the quality and success of the upcoming clinic, please contact NMTCCCA President Kelly Osuna, or any board member as soon as possible.

New Mexico track and cross country coaches, this is our CALL TO ARMS!


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