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Unique spirit; The Chile Quad.
Written by JG    Wednesday, 09 March 2011 13:00    PDF Print E-mail
photoWhen it comes to chile in New Mexico, every one has their preference. Red? Green? Roasted? The choices go on and on. But when it comes right down to it, we just love chile. It's pretty much the same thing with Track and Field and Cross Country coaches in our state. They each come in their own flavor of school loyalty and competitiveness, but again when it comes right down to it, they just love Track & Field or Cross Country.

The Chile Quad is a shining example of this. Just last week, the reds of Albuquerque Academy, greens of Los Alamos, black and yellows of Saint Pius and the deep reds of Sandia Prep got together for a coop-quad, where everyone chipped in to put on the meet. Started in 2006, the Chile Quad is a boys and girls meet where each school takes on ¼ of the workload, kind of a co-op meet.  Over the past 6 years the meet has taken place 4 times.  Snow and meet scheduling has caused them to miss two years. Host sites have been either Albuquerque Academy or Rio Rancho. This year Moriarty and Rio Rancho were not able to attend so yellow (St. Pius X) and maroon (Sandia Prep) chile peppers were included.

Utilized as a way of jump starting the season and getting the kids on the track, the meet consisted of teams known for competitive programs and just as competitive coaches. However, immediately following the meet, the NMTCCCA coach's forum included posts from one coach to another with compliments and thanks. As a viewer, I couldn't help notice this great example of the nature of our State's coaches and their attitude with each other. New Mexico coaches continue to show that you can be ultra competitive, love what you do and at the same time have the utmost respect and courtesy towards your opponents. It's a win win. The way it should be.

I guess one last thing to include. They did score the meet and when the smoke cleared, green for the girls, red for the boys......that's this year's Chili Quad.

Girls: Los Alamos 98, St Pius X 87, Sandia Prep 58, Academy 33
Boys: Academy 118, Los Alamos 96, St Pius X 45, Sandia Prep 25