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2011 Executive Board Minutes - July 27th
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2011 NMTCCCA Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Randy Jackson made a motion that the minutes from the January 2011 Winter Clinic be approved Kent Hitchens second the motion all present voted in favor.

Roll call was done by Kelly Osuna. Members present were:

Small School Large School

Northwest Dan Otero Randy Jackson

Southeast Kent Hitchens

Central Laci Lockwood

Northeast Joe Giglia

President Doc Helm

President –elect Kelly Osuna

Past President/ Clinic Director Spencer Sielschott

From the NMAA Robert Zayas

Not all members were present but we did have a majority.

Pres. Doc Helm then gave an update on:

Scholastic Upgrade (his pet project). Robert Zayas added that the NMAA Board of Directors has 6 goals and one of them is: Academics , Attendance, and Grades all three will be looked at together for the Scholastic Upgrade.

The 68th Annual Coaches Clinic (2012 Summer Clinic) will probably be changed due to Fall Season Sports starting dates changing. This will be discussed in Regional Meetings.

Doc wanted to give compliments to Joe Giglia who is responsible for maintaining the NMTCCCA website.

Spencer stated that in the past Go Daddy.Com was paid for our website postings and now Cimarron High School would be the new domain website. Joe then mentioned he would like to try to develop a model to possibly bring in revenue from the website for the association.

Spencer Sielschott made a motion to allow Joe Giglia to develop a model for possible revenue gains from the NMTCCCA website. Randy Jackson second the motion all present voted in favor.

Joe stated he will present how the above is going at the January Clinic.

Becky Nunez (wife of David Nunez)and Linda King (wife of Dean King) are making great progress in their fight with cancer. Our thoughts continue to go out to them and their families.

During our states recession cut backs may continue to occur this will affect each district differently.

Clinic Director Spencer Sielschott then gave an update on:

Budget for the 2012 NMTCCCA January Clinic $20,000 will be spent on (Hotel $9500 plus a 20% gratuity this includes luncheons, coaches social, and 10-15 rooms. $3000 will be spent for travel expenses of speakers, awards and stipends for speakers.)

NMAA is asking that all sport specific coaches associations have a Constitution, Bi-laws, a process of how board of directors will be elected and how long their term will be, how money from the association is being spent, who is allowed to initiate a check, how sports specific committee will be selected, and how awards for coaches are chosen. All of this will need to be printed up and reported to NMAA in 2012. Baseball and Track/Cross Country are the only sport specific coaches associations in the state. Basketball is trying to create one.

Spencer then made a motion that the only way a check be initiated from the association be from the Board of Director, President, Clinic Director or Head of Coaches Association. All others will submit an invoice to the board for approval. Kent Hitchens second the motion. All present approved

Spencer has created a list of duties for the Clinic Director. (Kelly Osuna asked if someone could be shadowing Spencer on what is done at the Clinic for experience.)

Speakers are needed for the January Clinic so please contact Spencer on any ideas.

Joe Giglia had made a survey on the NMTCCCA website as to what coaches would like to have presented for the January Clinic. Javelin, Triple Jump and Pole Vault were the events most chosen.

The NMTCCCA General Session will be after the NMAA Rules Clinic at the January Clinic due to poor attendance.

The NMTCCCA Clinic will be the last weekend of January 27th & 28th 2012.

NMAA Robert Zayas then gave an update on:

Gate receipts for State Track & Field Championships 2010 $63,900, 2011 $75,000. This increased due to changing A-AA to Friday, Saturday and AAA, AAAA,AAAAA the following Friday, Saturday.

The National Federation has made rule changes and these changes will be posted on the NMAA website. (The jewelry rule is being changed in Track and Field participants get warned then if happens again unable to participate in meet, Cross Country courses will be measured on shortest route vs. middle)

Marilyn Sepulveda Kent Hitchens brought up medals 1-6 will be presented.

Great Southwest Classic Spencer brought up possible payment of $30 to those running events up to $1500. Randy Jackson motioned that we table this proposal until more information is given. Spencer second the motion all present voted in favor.

Old Business Robert Zayas brought up:

Selection of sports specific committees use to be made by NMAA it is now being looked at that NMTCCCA board help make recommendations and that representation from the board also be on the committees.

New Business

Nominations for 2011 NMTCCCA Track Coaches of the year were given by Kelly Osuna

Girls / Boys

A- Joe Giglia of Cimarron High School (2) Pete Shock of Cliff High School (1)

AA-Tove Shere of Santa Fe Prep (1) D. J. Saucedo of Lordsburg High School (1)

AAAA-Anna Strauss of Aztec High School (2) Rex Henderson of Artesia High School (1)

AAAAA- Jim Ciccarello of La Cueva High School (1) Jason Cramer of Hobbs High School (2)

2011 NMTCCCA Assistant Track & Field Coach of the Year

Girls / Boys

AAAAA-Sam Aragon of Alamogordo High School AAA-Reyes Marquez of Lovington High School

A- Loretta Giglia of Cimarron High School AAAA-Jeff Dalton of Farmington High

First to Finish award will be given to Rudy Aragon in Cross Country and Robert Zayas in Track& Field

JV Qualifiers for State Track Meet must be brought up to sports specific committee.

Due to the fact that we now have small and large school representatives Kelly Osuna made proposal that changes be made to the constitution that would be as follows:

Artivle IV. Executive Board

Section 3. The terms of office for all executive board members shall be elected on a rotating basis. The Northwest, Central , and Southeast large schools representatives as well as the Northeast and Southwest small schools representatives along with the president-elect will be elected during even years. The Northeast, Southwest large schools representatives as well as the Northwest, Central , and Southeast small schools representatives along with the secretary will be elected during odd years.

Spencer second the proposal all present voted in favor. This will now be posted on the nmtccca website for all interested to give input.

Kelly also brought up that in order for this to work adjustments would be necessary.

These adjustments would be as follows:

Small School Large School

Northwest Dan Otero term ending 2013 Randy Jackson term ending 2012

Southeast Doug Santo term ending 2013 Kent Hitchens term ending 2014

Central Laci Lockwood term ending 2013 Sean Armstrong term ending 2012

Northeast Joe Giglia term ending 2014 Lenny Grule term ending 2013

Southwest Need to be filled 2012 Need to be filled 2012

Joe Giglia made a proposal of the adjusted terms as stated to the amendment to the constitution. Randy Jackson second the proposal all present voted in favor.

Joe Giglia made a motion to adjourn the meeting Randy Jackson second the motion all present voted in favor.