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2013 Executive Board Minutes - January 25th
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2013 NMTCCCA Board of Directors Meeting. Friday, January 25th, 2013


Roll call:


NMTCCCA - president Kelly Osuna
pres- elect - kent Hitchens
sec-Laci Lockwood
SW Large school -doc Helms
NW large school - randy Jackson
SW Large School- Doc Helms
Fred polich
Jeff turcot
Doug santo
Dan otero
Randy Jackson
Lenny Grule
Doug santo
Cathy Brion
Andrea kexel

Motion to accept the minutes from July- doc - motion, randy second.

NMTCCCA- re-election and position discussion

A-AA separate division - discussion AA and single a discussion on the competition, district break down.
Rudy- felt the Single A separation went well and it gave some
opportunities. AA situation was not brought up. Rudy's is prepared to go to 6 districts in AA. Prefer to keep 5 as a scoring team in A.
Jackie- is a great help and expertise is invaluable.
Chris Kedge- will be doing Cross-Country
Rudy-is very unhappy with Direct Athletic. We will go with MaxPreps.
There will be no more tents at the top of the stadium.

Website- joe is trying to come up with a way to enhance the website. Such as 5 classification represented as well. Hall of fame.
Buster is redirecting back to nmhsca and NMTCCCA

NMHSCA- Buster
Complement Kent coming to the NMHSCA board meeting. Appreciate the track association. Thank Spenser for this event. The logistics of the event is great. One of busters goal is to work with us. Sports specific committee is being filled well. Would like to see our sports specific committee having an opportunity to speak to the general population and gain understanding about your sport.
This clinic was per-registered at 170.
In the future this organization needs to look at how we are going to create some financial stability.

Need 2 people to make sure that people are wearing names tag to get into the luncheon. Hall of Fame will be entered for free. Buster is great and makes this happen.
coaching social, board luncheon?

ALL Harrier- chris Carroll will be stepping down from all-harrier. Jeff Turcotte will be taking over. The shirts will be presented to each coach. Jeff would like the kids to be recognized publicly. Possibly having a all classification race.
Provide a 5k race with for coaches and spectators of the all harriers.

Marilyn sepulveda-
The new meet directors Andrea Kexel, Jeff Turcotte and Lenny Grule
The meeting for the sepulveda will take place this weekend. Ask Aztec to be there and time again.

Great Southwest Classic-
Fred Polich- high numbers of participation over 600. We are up to 13 state.
Indoor- feb.16th.
Morning of feb. 16th there will be the corporate cup.

Old Business:
2012 xC coaches of the year.
First to finish awards: Gary Sanchez and Cheryl Clemmer
All-Harrier Medals-will wait on that
Other- Spenser helps with the honored guest.
Kent - suggest that we should have hall of fame for nm athletes

New Business:
AA cross-country districts - addressed
Honor heritage coaches, that per date our association. One a year. Formal recognition at the clinic. Rudy is willing have an article in the state
Joe makes a motion to honor a hall of fame
Doc seconded
Motion carried.

Kent motions to adjourn.
Randy seconds