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2013 Executive Board Minutes - July 25th
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Executive Board Agenda
Roll Call -
Bob Jackson - large SE
Tim Host - Small Central
David Nunez -large SW
Kent Hitchens - President Elect in January
Laci Lockwood - Secretary
Doc Helms - Past President
Dan Otero -Small NW
Doug Santo - small SE
Joe Giglia - small NE 

Approval to approve the minutes- doc helms approves and Spenser Sielschott   seconds

A.Introduction of new members
Bob Jackson
Tim host

Think about who will be electing for president elect for January
Introduction of members

B. Cross-Country and Track district alignment
Rudy- let it be said we never listen to our athletic directors and coaches to adjust the  district alignments

C. Instead of the general meeting there will be general meeting with sport specific committees. This week we will have surveys in the sports specific committee. Rudy states that there will be a survey to see if the sports specific committee should go away or stay. Kelley believes that if all sports specific committee goes to a general session it will be interesting. Rudy says that for change to occur is that rules should come from sports specific to NMAA then to board then there will be change. It is not the NMAAs job to go through NMTCCCA , then sports specific and then NMAA to create change. Joe says he has seen both sides of sports specific and general sessions.
Rudy just wants to make sure the NMTCCCA knows the process. NMAA initial communication is to the sports specific committee. Sports specific committee is not supposed to be run by the NMAA it is supposed to be run by the athletic director on the sports specific. Rudy thinks that after this weeks the survey will show that sports specific will dissolve. NMAA would take control of the general session.
July 31st - cross - country sports specific 8:00 am
August 1st - track and field sports specific 7:30 am
D. NMTCCA- accolades to joe giglia. Great job.
II. NMHsca- buster has worked hard for organization. The clinic will be at the Sheraton uptown.
III. NMTCCA Clinic Director- spencer Sielschott
A. Budget- buster was able to negotiate a great deal with Sheraton. W can save money with Sheraton. We still want to stay on getting the Middle School coaches.
B. clinic will be January 24-25th 2014, Pole Vault certification. Will bring the rules with NMAA on Friday.
Kelley says spencer we are blessed for what you. He does not get paid. One of these days he will say he does not want do it. People want a stipend for what they do. W need to save money.

Rudy - XC adam kedge has taken responsibility on placing meet info. On websites. Any communication we have we try to email every one. We have tried to make sure we have a coaches email address. Rio Rancho is building but we will have the state meet at Rio Rancho. Thank Kris and Jackie for what they do to put on the meet.
Track and Field- everything went very well. It takes a large amount of work to make the meet run. A couple of things we want to discuss. The only sport where we don't completely adhere nhsf. Start times are different. Why are they different?
One of the rules is that athletes is only allowed 4 events. We can't vote at a national level. It is a liability by allowing athletes to run 5 events.
Sally Marques wants track and field to be in full compliance with national federation rules.
Doc- during his career going to El Paso- the 4 limit is not a death sentence. He has had some great performances.
Kelley- the meet officials should be where the timer is. The official should be able to verify is disapprove the times.
We will not be using maxpreps website.
V. All Harrier- great idea to have a race. There was no race. When say we are going to do something we need to do it. The shirts were great. Not having the meet made us look bad. We have brought up that we were going get medals. There has been new stadium built. APS is thinking about putting in a cross-country course, we could run them with all star football game and have them finish in the stadium. Maybe we can put something together to publicly to announce it by the state meet.
Spencer and doc will have an amendment to policies that outlines roles for members.
Jackie- do a race during January clinic.
VI- Marilyn Sepulveda- Andrea Kexel did a great a job. We need to make sure everyone is informed to get athletes there.
Gary and Cheryl really helped out being there. Slight mistake with direct athletics not showing results. Ended up on milesplit. Andrea ended up with extra medals. She will go through and find out who they Belong. Fred and Andrea will figure out a date ASAP. Bob is not against having going 1-6. Could award them at the event.
VII- great southwest - 550 athletes. Girl broke the decathlon record. Always trying to get corporate sponsors,
Indoor- February 16th. great southwest
VII. Old business- 2013 track and field coach of the year
B. working on 5 year plan
A. First to the Finish- doc- time for appreciation- give it to spencer.spencer says we should give it to Bob Sepulveda
- John Flores- in our Hall of Fame
B. date of the January 24-25
X. Adjournment
Motion for adjourn - doc helms, 2nd - Fred Polich