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2012 Executive Board Minutes - July 31st
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2012 Executive Board Minutes - July 31st

Nmtccca meeting July 31
Docs approved minutes from January, joe seconded.
Kelly introduced new members.
Teddy Medina
Kathy Briton
Eldon smith,
Kent hitches pres elect
Laci Lockwood

District alignment are on the website A-aa have. Been separated.
Our website is up and running thanks to joe.
Kelly wants to do a coach of month on the website.

Spenser reports on jan. clinic
Expense and income of 2012-2013
Projected amount will be placed on our website. Projected 225 and 250 people.
22, to 23,000. Budget.
Need to set up a 5 year stregic plan. Mailing and printing included in the budget. Spencer would like to see our new letters be sent out. Fred will do a historic letter and 2nd will be promoting clinic.
He budgets high for the whole yr, and tries to come under. Make 1000 on vendors. Advertisements are being sold on the clinics books. Would like a sponsor for awards. We need to start thinking about ways to generate revenues. 2yrs ago we had the highest attendance done with letters sent. Clinc dates January 25 and 26 at Crowne plaza.
Kelly states at buster mentioned that after our contract is up with is hotel we should look at bargaining with other HS associations.
Kelly: what can we do to help you out with clinic.
Spencer. Introduce speakers.
If we increase our membership we increase nmhsca membership. We need to have more jr. Sessions. Untapped resource. Offer 25 percent of the clinic price.
Our asssociation needs to create a list of coaches who can go to the sports specific to Nmaa.
Sepulvada- communicate and select schools to run events in January.
Clinic future- find a hotel with buster. General session on Friday evening.
Where are we going and how do we get there?
Doug and spencer will put together names for clinic, stagnant, looking for ideas to make it better.
Doc: can we help you more physically, put up projectors.
Spencer says we need to debrief board meeting at end.
Joe says we can break down and clean up.
Joe: agree hit middle school coaches and bring them on. Get ready for a season.
Need to provide more learn by doing sessions.
Add min. If 2 session for mid. School
How to generate a program.
Rudy says talk to bill and see if we can utilize nmaa listing.
Doug we find national talent' looking for nm talent.
Kelly: thank you spencer

NMAA with Rudy
Excited about a aa split. At this point it will take 5 to score. If a does not participate we will have to go back.
Rudy thank all for professionalism displayed through bad weather. A tribute to coaches, athletes and parents.
The city of rio Rancho made get a offer to host state events. We are locked  into the city of rio Rancho for the next couple of years.
Sal and kenny and their groups did great. Jacque Martinez is great.
Robert is the new director of the nY association. Rudy will be in charge of track.
Sports specific meeting for track on Thursday. Sports specific is run by coaches.
Rudy and Robert  were very upset because or coaches did not vacate when asked. Disappointing that our leaders are not heading warnings.
Thank you.
Kelly, thanks.
Wait....Rudy says Mario Martinez is battling lung and bladder cancer. Doing well but wanted to let us know. Doc asked for email. Doesn't know right off hand.

Buster spoke with us about our organization growth and creating a financial plan. He looks forward to continuing working with our organization.

Chris will continue with all harrier team. Recognize seniors Top 7 and top 35. A will pick up 14. Keep recognizing 7. Cost 400.

We have three people showing interest for meet. Kelly ask to have board at meet to put up and take down.

Ran in to financial deficits. Made up this year. Paid last year and this years bills and had money left.
Moved some events to allow kids to double.
New for indoor in the GSW at night. In the morning they will corporate cup. Huge success in the 80 trying to get the general public interested. The city will help sponsor. trying to push more for distance.

2012 track and field coach of the year
A Lisa mcmath, Scott

Can't go to the website, domain name is bought.

Made a motion to list the board members, in programs. Rudy said we could have half a page.
Joe possible to get full page. Rudy says there are lots of regulations that go with program and corporate sponsorship.

First to finish
SEPULVEDA very aware of importance. Gary Sanchez and Cherly Clemmers
Motion Nominate Doc
Kent second
Monitor carried

False start for relays.
1st to the field

All-harrier public recognition
Joe- we need to gain nomination to national nominations. Try to make a focus nomination for nomination.
Track and field - weather. Looking at not having cannopes on the stands.
May a-aa - may 10-11
Aaa-aaaa - may 17-18
Kent. Done a good job honoring coaches, suggest an honor roll, Olympians, all-americans. Regardless of division. Add contacts to website.

Doc Made motion
Joe seconds.