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2014 Executive Board Minutes - January 25th
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NMTCCCA - Executive Board Agenda
Role Call
President - Kelly Osuna
President Elect -Kent Hitchins
Secretary-Laci Lockwood
Past President-Doc Helms
NW lg. School - needs to be filled
NW sm. School-Dan otero
NE lg. School- Lenny Grule
NE sm. School-Joe Giglia
SE lg. School -Bob Jackson(up for renomination)
Central Lg. School- Kathy Brion
Central Sm. School -Tim Host (in PV training)
SW lg. School-David Nunez
SW sm. School- needs to be filled

Doc- motion to approve minutes from December.
Bob- 2nd the motion

All-Harrier- no shirts, Jeff did into really Know what to do.
NMHSCA - Buster Mabrey
Introduction of Eric Saveny from UNM Army
I need to make an apologize - I had a negative report to the NMHSCA board, which Spencer sits on. Buster is frustrated with this organization and did not mean to make Spenser feel bad.
We are in the in a two year contract with Sheraton Uptown. The room rates pretty much the same. The difference with the Sheraton Uptown, the food and beverage minimum is 3,000 plus in savings. The bill has been paid to the Sheraton for this clinic. This years clinic should bring a 6,000 revenue.
Last year we mentioned that we would like to host a East vs. West All Star Country Meet. Buster set up the event with three different boards and the NMTCCCA did not follow through. Buster says that it made the association look bad.
Buster believes in the organization. I think we need more people to love the organization like Spencer.
Joe- you have mentioned that a symptom we need a solution... Do you think we need a executive director of the organization.
Buster- yes, I would recommend a executive director or someone stable to be consistent and help the organization.
Kelley- do you feel like the person needs to be centralized or any where?
Joe- we need someone at a centralized point of contact.....
Kelley- do we need to open this up for discussion.....
We say we need to do have someone thing....we need to do it.
Spencer- i make a motion: that the clinic director and the financial person be the same person.
Kent- second vote
Vote- all in favor, none opposed.

The constitution needs to be amended to state that the clinic director also be head of the financial status.

Joe- we need a lead person.... We have a brought up two different things....a financial point, and a executive voice to represent the association quickly and accurately.
Buster- I suggest that you go through the a

NMTCCCA Clinic Director-
Being in the 26th year, our clinic is becoming known around he nation.
When spencer calls people to speak, they say yes.
I think that the Coaches of the Year need to be notified at least by email from the president.
Thanks to Kris Kedge, we now have an updated, available list to be able to contact coaches.
I need to thank Doug, he give me speakers and now we see an increase in speakers.
I have one shift in the Luncheon...Jim Would like to introduce Doc. David if you would like to have anyone introduce you, let us know.

Rudy- cross-country: we had a beautiful day, our attendance was up.  We are Open to anything that would make the meet better.
Sue Cleveland the supt. of Cleveland want to host the rival Rio vs. Cleveland game on the Friday night, prior to the state meet.
There was a tie with two girls and the NFHS rules states that the the chip is the ultimate say.
We realize that there is an issue and we are working on it.
Track and Field
We will be meeting with the sports specific committee. There will be a point in time in which we will need to us FAT time. The NMAA is willing to fund parts of the FAT timing systems.
We very displeased with maxpreps to enter qualifying. We will us direct athletics.
Next year we will go into a 6 classification system and small schools will have 3 classifications.
Doc- there was a survey... That went out about 4 event limit and sports specific.
Rudy- role of the sports specific will stay , but with the enhancement of technology we will survey the coaches in the state.
Joe- in the small schools there may not be as much representation because it is a revolving door.
4 event- NHFS by laws state - 4 event limit. Sally is looking at it from liability standpoint. Our lawyer indicated verbally it NMAA would not be liable.

All Harrier- jeff is absent.
We all voted that we would do an all star race. It did not happen. We need someone take over the All Harrier....or help Jeff out.
Joe- should we bring that to the general session?
Kelly- at this point I don't know what where we are with this?
David- in the past we appointed a committee to do some investigation and report if the races were possible. We might have put the cart before the horse on this one.
Kelly- every time we do races or present medals, athletes do not show up.
- we should do this at the state meet. Rudy, I can not get all coaches to put the grades.
Bob- there are always going to be a pros and cons- it would add 40 extra mins to make them stay and it makes  it hard.
Rudy- I just don't think that the state meet is the best place to have it.
Kent- can we award to all-harrier at the state track meet durning intermission.
Kelly - would we do it at each meet.
Spencer- is that a motions
Kent- I make a motion to award the all-harrier presentation to be made during the intermission at the state track meets in May.
Kathy- 2nd
Vote- all in favor
Kent- I make a motion that the board members present the medals and the president of the association makes the list
Katy - 2nd
Vote- all in favor

Marilyn Sepulveda -
Andrea Kexel and Lenny Grule
Last year was our first year, we worked with Cathy she was great.
Fred will be in communication with UNM and logistics
Andrea will continue with girls selection and coaches communication
Lenny will continue with the boys selection and coaches communication
The set up is complete.
Setting up the workers will and finishing details will take place closer to the meet.
The Aztec crew came in and did the timing. Instead of paying them, we paid for 2 rooms for two nights.
Buster- they did a great job, I know we are not use to paying.
Rudy- I think you got off pretty good, we pay about 10,000 to run our meet
Buster- I budget for that event 1,350 to 1,400.  You are within your budget.
I have some medals that did not get picked up. So this year we need to take the athletes after the event to present medals.

Great Southwest-
Fred- I am no longer with the Great Southwest. We asked to see the books they were never presented. We have stepped down, from the board.
The great southwest was not following guidelines. We spends more money on he adults and not the kids. When our association felt things were not going right we stopped to giving money. We use to give 1,500.

Old Business-
2013 Cross-Country : listed - kent

First to the Finish Awards:
Nominated Bob Sepulveda

We need to fill and re-elect people to the board

New Business:
We have 4 nominations at the final levels at the national coaches organization.

Doc: spencer would you like to preface this....
Spencer: we have talked and decided that we need a motion that spells out what broad members should do.
Handed out is a motion that amends NMTCCCA constitution under Article V. section 2.

Motion Presented by Doc:
2nd by Kathy Brion
Vote: All in favor of it going to the general session

Spencer Sielschott:
We have had 2 historians....
Motion:I am nominating doc helms as the historian of the south.
2nd: David Nunez
Vote: all in favor

Joe: currently...if an athlete that moves into a district on a team they can play JV. In track and field you can not run the athlete unattached.
Rudy: bring this issue to sports specific. It would be a by law change that could be looked at. Transfer situations, that have left their schools in good standing.

Kent: Spencer and I talked on the phone. We have made some changes to the social.

Kent: we talked about the notebook....are about $2,000.
Joe: I'm a tech guy, but if you pay $95 dollars for clinic. It makes people feel better about the conference.

Joe: executive board meeting to discuss the executive director

Kent motions to adjourn
Lenny 2nd motions