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2014 General Meeting Minutes - January 25th
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NMTCCCA- General Meeting

Minutes from the Executive board Meeting were presented by - Laci Lockwood
Motion to approve- kent
2nd by: Kathy Brion

Spencer spoke and introduced the Army ROTC representative from UNM

Executive Board was introduced
Board Elections
NE Sm. - joe Giglia - Cimarron
Tim Host nominated
Brian Miller made the motion to accept Joe
Bob Vandivier- 2nd

SW sm. - Brian miller nominated - Cobre
Robert Benfield motion to accept
Bob Vandivier -2nd

NW Large - no one nominated

SE large- Bob Jackson Nominated
Bob Vandivier- motion to accept
Doc Helms -2nd

President - Elect
Bob Koski- pojaque   - 14
Kyle Starks- Hope Christian - 14
Bob Vandivier - grants - 37
Daniel Otero- Laguna Acoma - 6

Joe Giglia motioned to cease nominations
Kent Hitchens- 2nd

Nominees stepped out of the room.
Votes were casted.
Bob Vandivier was voted the new president elect.

Two motions were brought up:
We accept Doc Helms motion to amend constitution and add to it responsibilities of Executive Board Member

Joe Gigilia motioned, Kathy Brion 2nd

Spencer Seilschott
motion to amend constitution and add to it responsibilities of clinic director to include financial leasion.

Marilyn Sepulveda will be April 14th. Everything is posted on the website.

Kent Hitchens will create list of All Harriers and medals will be presented at the State Track meet by Executive Board regional reps.

Sports Specific- Joe Giglia spoke: reiterated what the NMAA spoke about in the rules clinic.

Kelly said her Farewell's and introduced the president Kent Hitchens

Kent addresses the crowd,

Eldon Smith makes motion that JV teams may attend varsity meets and towards the varsity teams meet limitation, and that it be taken to the NMAA Board Meeting.
Joe Giglia-2nd

State Track qualifying times have .30 added to them as new qualifying times be taken to the NMAA Board Meeting.
Joe Giglia-2nd

Kelly motioned for the meeting to be adjourned
Doc - 2nd