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2012 General Meeting Minutes - January 25th
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New Mexico Track and Cross Country Coaches Association

General Session

Friday, January 27th 2012


I. Doc Helm welcomed all coaches. The NMTCCCA Board of Directors was introduced. All Coaches, Board Members and Clinic Directors were thanked.


II. Kelly Osuna discussed the NMTCCCA Executive Board’s Minutes from the meeting earlier that day.


III. Election to the Board

New Secretary Needed:

Laci Lockwood

Nominated, Seconded and Approved

New President Elect Needed:

Kent Hitchens

Nominated, Seconded and Approved

South East Large School Representative Needed:

Eldon Smith

Nominated, Seconded and Approved

North West Large School Representative Needed:

Randy Jackson

Up for Re-Election

Nominated, Seconded and Approved

Central Large School Representative Needed:

Kathy Brion

Nominated, Seconded and Approved

South West Small School Representative Needed:

Teddy Medina

Nominated, Seconded and Approved

South West Large School Representative Needed:

Doc Helms

Nominated, Seconded and Approved

All positions on the Board of Director for the NMTCCA were filled as a result of the nomination and elections.


IV. Doc Helms provided words of inspiration. He officially recognized Kelly Osuna as the new NMTCCA President.


V. Kelly Osuna provided words of thanks to Doc Helms for his service and presented him with his Gavel Plaque commemorating his term as NMTCCA President. Kelly Osuna then offered a challenge to all present to become more involved in our organization.


VI. Recognized Floor to New Business:

Kent Hitchens: Spoke of a Lack of Volunteers for the Great Southwest Track and Field Meet. He asked for Volunteers to assist during this year’s up and coming meet at UNM.

Fred Polich: Spoke on behalf of the Great Southwest Track and Field Meet and also asked for Volunteers.

Kelly Osuna: Spoke of behalf of the Great Southwest Track and Field Meet.


VII. Doc Helms Motioned to Adjourn


Motion Seconded and Approved.