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2009 Executive Board Minutes - July 29th
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Roll was called and a quorum was established by Spencer Sielschott, NMTCCCA
Board President.

Northwest ( Bob Vandiver );   Northeast ( Lenny Gurule, absent);              
Southwest ( Kelly Osuna );    Southeast ( Kent Hitchens );                                 
Central ( Sean Armstrong, absent);    David ‘ Doc’ Helm ( President-elect );          
Jim Edwards ( Past President ); David Nunez and Doug Dorame ( NMTCCCA Clinic );
Fred Polich ( NMTCCCA Historian ); Chris Carroll ( All-Harrier );    Gary Sanchez       
( Marilyn Sepulveda ); Rudy Aragon, Mario Martinez, and Robert Zayas ( NMAA );
and Buster Mabrey ( NMHSCA Executive Director ).
Track & Field; Mario Martinez & Robert Zayas   
The 2010 State Meet is affected by UNM and its Mountain West Championships
being held at the usual time of our 3-5A State meet.     The 3-5A meet will be one
( 1 ) week earlier.  The State Meet week will be similar to 2009 week,  1-2A meet
will be Wednesday and Thursday with 3-5A Friday and Saturday.  This will affect
times / dates to verify entries from results of Districts’ meets.  The Starting
heights at state meet will be set based on Sports Specific committee’s measures.  
NMAA wants Pole Vault Certification  to be a 4 year certification insteadof 2
years, if passed then each expiration date will have 2 years extension.   If a
coach’s certification expires 12/31/2009, then it will be extended to 12/31/2011.  
Go to http://www.nmact.orgfor minutes from 7/29/09 Track and Field Sports
Specific committee meeting.
Cross Country: Rudy Aragon     
No Major changes to Cross Country.  State meet is at Rio Rancho.
Go to http://www.nmact.orgfor minutes from 7/30/09 Cross Country Sports
Specific committee meeting.

Marilyn Sepulveda Meet: Gary Sanchez
This meet will be the 2ndsecond week of April at UNM.  Fred Polich will seek
people to help officiate and conduct events.  Due to unexpected costs and our
passed motion from 1/31/09 General Session there will be a $2.00 ( 2 dollars ) for
adults; $1.00 ( 1 dollar ) for students with school ID, and children 13 and under are
free.   This will be charged at the gate.  NMTCCCA will make posters and find
people to take entry tickets.
Great Southwest Track and Field Classic: Fred Polich
UNM for the 1st( First ) time charged$6000.00 to GSWTFC to use their facility.
Also, 2 new States ( Kansas and Missouri ) were included. The 4 X 200 meters (
800 Relay ) and middle school relays were included.  It did not lose money.  Our
associationpaid $1200.00 to Direct Athletics so that GSWTFC could have athletes
register and pay online as well as have each State Chairmen being able to enter
his/her state athletes into the meet by his/her events.  A $250.00 annual fee was
paid to Hy-Tek as our 2009 registration.  The total donation to GSWTFC =
$1450.00,  NMTCCCA pledged $1500.00 to buy Palm Pilots for field event results
to be uploadedto Hy-Tek but research determined that Palm pilot, were
ineffective and should not be bought.  Spencer Sielschott and Jim Edwards
marshaled this.
All-Harrier: Chris Carroll
T-Shirts will be printed at Zuni High School again and theircosts were better than
any printing vendor.  The Top 7 seniors in top 25 finishes at State Meet whose
coach is a member of both NMHSCA and NMTCCCA areeligible.     Deadlines were
not met by coaches last year and were allowed to pay dues late.  It was determined
for the benefit of students to allow this.  Due dates for member followsthe
NMHSCA due dates; for Cross Country the date: is October 15.  
NMHSCA: Buster Mabrey
NMTCCCA membership and revenue/expense account is now done by Quick Book
accounting.  It will immediately appropriate these entries by coach( coach
membership and payments to both associations, and clinicsfees. )  It has speed
lined the process and reporting.  Access can be done at http://www.nmhsca.com.
NMTCCCA: Spencer Sielschott
All duesfor membership will be done through NMHSCA by;
1. By mail NMHSCA form to:  PO Box 3065, Albuquerque, NM 87190-3065; OR
2.   Online at:  http://www.nmhsca.com/registration
All accounting of revenue/expensewill be done by Quicken reporting with Buster
Mabrey , Executive Director of NMHSCA.
Budget for 2010 NMTCCCA will follow previous budgets.  Hotel Site will be
determined as well as session Speakers as soon as possible.
2010 NMTCCCA will be Friday, January22 and Saturday, January 23, 2010.   The
NMAA Track and Field Rules clinic is schedule for Friday, January 22, 2010
Old Business: Spencer Sielschott
NMTCCCA proposal for Hall of Heritage(coaches who began our NM sports’
heritage of success), Hall of Distinction(coached before 1987) , and Hall of Honor
( coached after 1987 ) will be presented at 2010 January General Session.      
1987 is the year NMTCCCA began.       Committee will have;                                          
President(present or past ),  NMTCCCA Historian(s);  NMTCCCA Board member,
and an ‘at large’ member.   Only Hall of Heritage and Distinction coaches will
inducted with Hall of Honor coaches to be determined at a later time.
This committee will have as its first members;                                              
Spencer Sielschott: President; Kent Hitchens: Southeast member; Fred Polich and
Ron Singleton ( NMTCCCA Historians ) and Doug Dorame: at large.
See attachment for proposal.
Cross Country emphasis ( question );  An athlete from another sport during cross
country season must run in 25% of scheduled meets ( 2meets of 8 ) and on the
rosterat NMAA before he/she can compete at District Cross Country meet.

New Business Spencer Sielschott
Spencer Sielschott proposes an increase to NMTCCCA Board membership to
include 2 members from each region or 5 members to 10.  This would promote
better communication and mentoring to coaches so as to further more leadership
from younger coaches and smaller regions throughout our state.
Motion by Kent Hitchens to increase member from 5 to 10.  Members from each 5
regions will have 1 coach from small schools ( 1-2A) and 1 coach from big schools    
( 3-5A ).  It was seconded by Doc Helm and motion passes.  David Nunez stated
this will changed to the Constitution and will need to be an Action item to General
Session during the NMHSCA clinic on 7/31/09 and posted.  Voting will be done at
January 2010 NMTCCCA Clinic General Session.   Go to http://www.nmtccca.com
for Article IV Section I Amendment Proposal.
Spencer Sielschott proposes that NMTCCCA Constitution wording be updated to
reflect current language more appropriate to current times.
Motion by David Nunez to update Constitution’s language to reflect current times.    
It was seconded by Doc Helm and was passed.  Spencer Sielschott assigned this
updating to David Nunez, David ‘Doc’ Helm, and Gary Sanchez.  Updated
Constitution is also an ACTION item to be presented at Track and Field General
Session at the NMHSCA Clinicon 7/31/09.  It will be posted late no later than late
November, 2009.  It will be posted at NMTCCCA website.
Motion by Spencer Sielschott to change NMTCCCA Mission Statement and Purpose
as viewed at http://www.nmtccca.com/home.  It was seconded by Bob Vandiver and
Motion to adjourn at 12:50 PM…