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2010 Executive Board Minutes - July 28th
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New Mexico Track & Cross Country

Board of Directors Agenda

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roll Call & Quorum: Sean Armstrong
1A-2A Representatives 3A-5A Representatives
Northwest Dan Otero Randy Jackson
Northeast Joe Giglia Chris Carroll
Central No Representative Sean Armstrong
Southwest No Representative Kelly Osuna
Southeast Doug Santo (Absent) Kent Hitchens
NMTCCCA President: Doc Helm
Clinic Director: Spencer Sielschott NMHSCA Rep: Buster Mabry
President Elect: Bob Vandivier NMAA Associate Director: Robert Zayas
NMTCCCA Historian: Doug Dorame NMAA Assistant Director: Rudy Aragon
NMAA Administrative Assist:Jackie Gallegos
Approve Minutes from 1/2010 Winter Clinic
I. Track & Field: Robert Zayas
1.Gathered information for Sports Specific Agenda
A. Bad of the 2010 State Track and Field Championship Meet being held in the
   same week for all classes.
i. Parents had difficulties making during the week for the 1A-2A Meet.
ii. Hard to find officials during the week.
B. Good of the 2010 State Track and Field Championship Meet being held in the
   same week for all classes.
i. Cost-cutting was minimal, but some money was saved.
C. NMAA tracked false starts last year.
i. Tracked to determine if false starts should be charged to the field.
ii. They will review this year to see about implementing a change.
2. Recognized Doc Helm
A. Had a survey on key issues.
i. False starts being charged to the field was a 50/50 split vote.
ii. 4x 200M Relay being run in the same lane all the way around was a
    50/50 split vote.
iii. No interest in running the 400M Hurdles or 1500M run as they do in
    college in place of the 300 hurdles and 1600M run.

3. Recognized Sean Armstrong
A. Keeping athletes in their warm-ups longer during inclement weather.
i. NMAA tries to get them out sooner to keep the meet going.
II. Cross Country: Rudy Aragon
1. Cross Country State Championship
A. Will be Held in Rio Rancho
2. District Competition
A. Number of individuals who may compete will increase from 7-9.
i. The top 7 will score and the 8thand 9thrunners will be excluded from
III. NMTCCCA Clinic Director: Spencer Sielschott
1.  Attendance
A. Average last year
B. 2011clinic will be moved back 1 week to January 28thand 29thto increase
2.  Information on 2011 Clinic
A. The Pole Vault session may not be able to hold training at the clinic.
i. First time certifications may have to be done on line
ii. Certification renewals can be done by attending vaulting session.
B. Special Guests
i. Any suggestions for special honorees or speakers should be given to
   Doug Dorame or Spencer Sielschott
IV. All Harrier: Chris Carroll
1. Asked and Received a Donation from the NMTCCCA to pay for shirts.
2. Reminder: For an athlete to be on the All-Harrier Team, their head coach must be a
    member of the NMHSCA and NMTCCCA.
V. Great Southwest Classic: Fred Polich
1. Increased Participation
A. 611 total athletes, 106 from NM
B. Event was profitable despite loss of sponsorships
VIII. Old Business:
1. Hall of Fame
A. Room needs to be found for Hall of Fame Plaques
B. List of names for Hall of Fame decisions was discussed

IX. New Business:
1. Track Coach of the Year Bob Vandiver
Coaches of the year were named.
Girls Boys
5A  Sean Armstrong/Maria Bonilla –Highland HS Brandon Back –La Cueva
4A Leland Adair –Kirtland Central HS Randy Jackson –Farmington HS
3A Kyle Skartwed –Hope Christian HS Mike Boyle –Roberston HS
2A Laci Lockwood –Estancia HS Mike Prokop –Texico HS
1A Christopher Spurlin –Gallup Catholic HS Mike McMath –Ft. Sumner HS
2. Post of President-Elect Bob Vandiver
A. Bob Vandivier must resign from post
i. A new President Elect will be chosen at the Winter Clinic.
3. Other
A. Recognized Joe Giglia
i. Would like to find a better way to align the NMHSCA sports specific committee
   with the NMTCCCA.
a. Committee currently chosen by the NMHSCA not the NMTCCCA
b. We should submit names to Buster Mabry of the NMHSCA
II. NMTCCCA President: Doc Helm
1.  Raising the Scholastic Bar for Athletes
A. Would like to push to have the minimum GPA requirement to a 3.0
2.  Board’s Role During the Recession
A. Maintain positive attitudes
X.  Adjournment