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2011 Executive Board Minutes - January 28th
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2011 NMTCCCA Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, January 28, 2011

Roll Call and Quorom: Sean Armstrong

Large Small

Northwest: Randy Jackson, Daniel Otero

Northeast: Lenny Gurule, Joe Giglia

Central: Sean Armstrong, vacant

Southwest: Kelly Osuna

Southeast: Kent Hitchens

Elections Tomorrow for:

Large Small

Southeast: Southwest:

Northeast : Central:

President Elect:

Approved July 2010 Board Meeting Minutes:

Kent Hitchens motioned to approve minutes – seconded by Bob Vandivier

Election for: Representatives

I. Doc: Helm

A. Raising the Scholastic Bar

1. Feelers put out by survey: 5 to 1 in favor of raising the bar.

2. Contacted governor’s office as well as legislators in regards to issue

3. Ultimately comes down to the NMAA

i. Some districts will not want to comply

4. One worry is the at Risk students:

i. Tired of dumb coach models that promote mediocrity

5. Recognized Joe Giglia:

i. Be careful of the special education kids

ii. Economically challenged kids struggle grade wise

a.They are the ones who will be sitting out

- Will become a rich man’s sport

- These kids will drop out and only foster the problem.

6. Recognized: Rudy Aragon from the NMAA

i. Make the 2.0 requirement based on core subjects not electives.

7. Doc: Discussion is what is needed this is good.

We can still save the kids who may be lost.

8. Joe: Some of those kids are gone by their sophomore year.

B. Board’s role during a recession:

1. We need to be the active and positive role model in the community.

2. Stay positive

C. Offer up your support and prayers.

1. David and Becky Nunez:

a. Thank the Alamogordo girls track coaches for filling

2. Dean King – Wife has cancer

3. Heath Leopold – Wife passed

D. Recognize People who contribute to the clinic.

Doug Dorame

Lawrence Apodaca

Spencer Sielschott

David Nunez

Buster Mabry

E. Pole Vault Clinic

1. New Coaches – must go Online

2. Recertification – just attend the clinic session

F. Special Accomplishments

1. Going into the Hall of Fame

A. Jim Ciccarello

B. Curtis Williams

G. Summer General Session Raffle

Buy a ticket for a dollar and have a cash prize raffle.


A. Cross Country: Rudy Aragon

1. Good State meet in Rio rancho

2. Had 9 instead of 7 compete

i. would like feedback

ii. Questions – none

B. Track & Field: Robert Zayas

1. rules clinic

2. Recognized the NMTCCCA for its good work

3. 1A-2a 6th & 7th and 3-5A 13-14th

a. 1A-2A back to the Friday/Saturday

b. Field events earlier so done by prelims

c. Qualifying standards readjusted

d. Warm up area

i. teams have to bring their own tents in assigned area

ii. will have to take down at night

e. Pole Vault certification is for every 4 years

i. To certify for pole vault go to www.pvscb.com

f. Can request extra medals for relay alternates

i. Contact – Jackie Gallegos

ii. Team has to pay

III. NMHSCA: Buster Mabry

A. Looked at History of the Associations meeting minutes and sees a great deal of good communication between the association and the NMHSCA.

1. Affiliated with NOCAD

a. get our million dollar liability from them.

B. Buster “Works for [us]”

1. NMHSCA gets a full time bookkeeper from NMAA.

2. Bookkeeper paid $5,000 stipend

Helps keep finances legitimate

3. Website is having a great number of hits

a. the NMTCCCA is linked to the NMHSCA and vice versa

4. Sports Specific Committee need to communicate with the association better

a. needs to improve

5. Gary Tripp has asked Buster to look into what it takes to become a coach.

a. what else should coaches be required to do

i. Where does that money come from?

b. Do’s and Don’ts

i. Coaching professional development

Buster doesn’t know who to support

Sports Specific committee rep Appointed by the NMAA with Buster’s consultation.

NMHSCA’s executive board chose the Sports Specific Committees

Asked members who represent the committee to see if it had been discussed with the SSC

Joe: NMAA wanted to involve more people

Sports Specific Committee used to talk a great deal about this.

Buster will move to ask NMTCCCA president to consult him for names for SSC members.

The NMAA wants SSC approval, our board reps on that committee need to push for this at the next meeting.

The SSC rep we choose needs to attend our board meetings

IV. All Harrier: Chris Carroll

A. Recognize top 7 seniors of Cross Country

1. Only if their coaches are members of the NMTCCCA and NMHSCA

2. Will send out mass email to remind

V. Spencer Sielschott

A. May have to shuffle line up of speakers

B. Clinic attendance needs to reach 180 to break even

VI. Great Southwest: Fred Polich

A. Changed date two years ago attendance went down

1. Brought it back to original dates it rose to 610 paid athletes

B. Florida is joining Great Southwest

C. Nationally certified USA Track officials would like to assist at meet.

D. Hammers throw moves to Friday so they can make other throwing events

E. Asked for financial support

1. UNM just charges for janitorial crew and security

i. $1200-$2600

ii. We aren’t charged for Sepulveda

iii. Don’t they get money for vendors/concessions?

2. Need to meet with Spencer on finances before providing funds

i. Hytek – recertification is a few hundred

3. Would like a number to designate to this contribution

i. Needs to be itemized.

VII. Old Business:

A. Memberships:


National Senate -& 100 Motion y Kelly Osuna seconded by Randy Jackson

250 for hytek at GSW - Motioned by Randy seconded by Joe

B. 2011 Hall of Fame has been posted

C. Constitution Update – Article IX Rewrite – NMHSCA handles our check writing.

Fall under the NMHSCA in regard to insurance and liability coverage.

Buster Mabry advises to but Accident Insurance for 22 cents a day per athlete

Motion by Randy Seconded by Sean to approve purchase of liability coverage.

D. False Start Rule

SSC discussed it but Meet management and timing would have been an issue.

Ultimately NMAA so we need to get with him on final decision

E. FAT Status

Too much money and training

Hired someone to train entire staff, best way.

Spencer is trying to get an expert.

Possibility of bringing in other coaches who are trained

Hold it at the clinic.

Create a rotation for districts

F. Other

Ask other coaches, “What do we need to be a coach”

Need to have coaches coaching other coaches on their coaching.

Recommended it be mentioned to the SSC

VIII. New Business

A. 2010 NMTCCCA Track coaches of the year – Posted on Website

B. 2010 NMTCCCA Cross Country Coaches of the Year – Posted on website

C. Other

IX. Adjournment

Bob Vandivier Motion to adjourn Seconded by Randy Jackson