Intermediate Discus

Luke Sullivan


  • Create a system
  • Simplicity
  • Technique
  • Positions before rhythm
  • Pride in coaching

Coaching 101

  • Footwork
  • Repetition
  • Fun
  • Patience
  • Speak their language

Athlete 101

  • Focus
  • Active learning
  • Work ethic
  • Enjoyment
  • Coach themselves
  • Stop checks

Choosing a discus

  • Quantity over quality
  • Beginners-Lower rim weights
  • Advanced- Higher rim weights

Grip & Release

  • Rests on first knuckle
  • Squeeze fingers from pinky to pointer
  • Spins clockwise off index finger
  • Faster it spins= Further it goes

4 Phases of the throw

  • Power-Stand throw
  • Float & Wheel-Air time then work
  • Drive-Sprinting into the center
  • Set Up-Back of ring



  • Heel-Toe Position
  • L heel on sector line
  • L toe even with R in-step
  • Mass 70/30
  • Orbit(low to high)
  • Catch/wind/throw


  • Squat-extend(wt 50/50)
  • Squat-Rotate-Extend(wt 50/50)
  • Stand throw-No torque-Rotate-Extend
  • Stand throw- Torque-Rotate-Extend
  • Noodle Arms-Stand throw-Torque- Rotate-Extend(Slap opposite hip with dominant hand)
  • Most kids FB/BB- Used to being on left leg- Light implement

Power Drills

  • Position Drills
  • Pos #1= Rotate L arm - R ft and hip to 10 o’clock
  • Pos#2= L arm & hand face the sector w/ R ft, hip-discus behind-loaded R leg(hips almost done working)
  • Pos #3= Block w/ L arm-L fist to shoulder-Negative block
  • Pos #4= Finish as non-reverse
  • Pos #5- Reverse- Teach athlete to drive hips up. Block with L side should create enough energy to switch feet
    • -If you can feel it you can fix it!

Power Drills (examples)

  • MB Double Pivots
  • Static Discus ball throws
  • L arm Block- Ex band focusing on strike
  • Puppet Master- Super band
  • Negative Block-Super Band



  • Both feet are in the air
  • Left arm reaches for center of sector
  • IT band/side of R leg rotates into 3 o’clock position
  • Wait. Wait. Wait
  • Let the ground come to you


  • Tuck
  • Squeeze knees with loaded right leg, keeping weight on right
  • Knees should try to touch, left ankle height of mid-calf
  • Reach
  • Left foot reaches for stand throw position of left foot while right foot turns to 9 o’clock.

Wheel Drills

  • Wall Tuck
  • Complete three continuous Wheels
  • Begin by facing sector (180 opposite Stand throw)
  • Complete 3 wheels, focusing on right toe, knee, hip, and shoulder in vertical line for balance
  • Can be used with or without an implement

Float Drills

  • Jump Stop-land with both feet in center
  • Step in - high knee(can do off curb)
  • L hand to R knee(grab R knee on center)
  • Float-Float-Sting


  • Drive
  • Left foot direction-Right sector line
  • Left arm is inside of left knee
  • Hips and shoulders are level
  • Drive up through left leg as right moves rotationally
  • Chest & knee lift into circle

Drive Drills

  • Wall Drills
  • Push off –Wall Catch
  • Static start-left leg loaded

Set Up


  • Stance- Slightly wider than hips
  • Shift 75% of weight to left leg
  • Wind discus to left hand
  • Pivot left foot closed as discus winds back
  • T position with shoulders
  • Arms loose and relaxed

Loaded left leg

  • Load & Entry
  • Weight on left leg
  • Push off R ft to assist with L ft pivot
  • Shoulders and hips level
  • Kick R ft out (wide) in a low sweep
  • L ft pivots to 11 o’clock w/ L arm inside L knee
  • L leg extends as R leg continues an arcing sweep(low to high)

Set up drills

    • 180/360 drills
      • Keys
    • Push off to side/45 degrees
  • Wall Drills
    • Pivot-Lift
    • Wall Catch

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