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  • How to Run the 400 Meter Race
  • Long Term Development of High School Sprinters
  • Lauryn Williams: Week 1 100m Training Plan - Acceleration Mechanics
  • Answers to Popular 400m Training Questions - Part I
  • Lauryn Williams: Week 2 100m Training Plan -  Acceleration Phase 2
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  • Starting Block Blast Drill
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  • Develop Speed & Endurance for 400/600/800 Runners
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  • Dynamic Flexibility Series for Sprinters!
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  • Strength and Mobility - SAM - Phase 1, Hard Day
  • Strength and Mobility - SAM - Phase 1, Easy Day
  • Strength and Mobility - SAM - Phase 2, Easy Day
  • Strength and Mobility - SAM - Phase 2, Hard Day
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Championship Sprints, Starts and Relays


Member-Spotlight David Nunez

davidNunez It's often said that new coaches tend to coach the way that they were coached. An important thought for all of us to consider, and in this instance it is especially good to know....


HOF-Spotlight Tove Shere

ToveShere It all started in a different time and a different place..England. It all ended, a 21 year coaching stint at Santa Fe Prep, with one last victory lap around the Great Friends UNM Track Complex in celebration ....


Alum-Spotlight Christian Gering

christiangering Gering, a runner from San Felipe Pueblo, ran track his junior and senior years at Santa Fe Indian School and cross-country his senior year. Since then he has been chasing his dream — literally ....


NM-Spotlight Lady Lobos XC


MADISON, Wis.— For the fourth time in the last five years....


We are the NMTCCCA !!!

Begun in 1987 by a small group of visionaries with the goal of a NM Meet of Champions, as well as developing better communication and unification between all track and cross country coaches, the New Mexico Track and Cross Country Coaches Association was born and has grown to what you see today. Our association has and must continue to be the guiding force for positive change and the protection of all aspects of New Mexico Track and Cross Country that we believe important to our athletes and our coaches. Changes are a part of life. We are our best "Advocates" for helping to direct that change in a positive and constructive way. We must continue to "Educate" our membership and give them the best tools for success. And, as a professional organization, we must "Celebrate" those successes, those stories, those special moments and actions that make our sports such wonderful tools in helping to mold the youth of New Mexico. We ARE the NMTCCCA !!!