January 22, 2016

11:00 a.m. – Sheraton Uptown

Call of Meeting to Order : NMTCCCA President Kent Hitchens (Carlsbad)

Roll Call & Quorum : Secretary Laci Lockwood (East Mountain)

  • President Kent Hitchens (Carlsbad) -Present
  • President-Elect – Bob Vandiver (Grants)-Present
  • Secretary Laci Lockwood (East Mountain)-Present
  • Past President – Kelly Osuna (Cobre)-Absent
  • Historian: South – Doc Helm (Alamogordo) - Present
  • Historian: North – Fred Polich (Del Norte) - Present
  • Clinic Director – Spencer Sielschott (Sandia) - Present
  • Chris Jaramillo Luncheon Doug Dorame - Present
  • Executive Director of the NMHSCA: Buster Mabrey - Present

Area Representatives:

  • Northeast Large – Lenny Gurule (St. Michaels) - Present
  • Northeast Small – Joe Giglia (Cimarron)- Present
  • Northwest Large – Chris Carroll (Zuni) - Present
  • Northwest Small – Daniel Otero (Laguna Acoma)-Present
  • Central Large – Kathy Brion (Eldorado)-Present
  • Central Small – Tim Host (Academy for Technology and the Classics-Santa Fe)-Absent
  • Southwest Large – David Nunez (Onate)-Absent
  • Southwest Small – (Vacant)
  • Southeast Large – Brad Fouts (Hobbs)-Present
  • Southeast Small – Doug Santo (Loving)-Present


  • Marilyn Sepulveda Meet - Andrea Kexel (Del Norte)-Present
  • All-Harrier - Jeff Turcotte (St. Piux)-Absent
  • NMAA – Rudy Aragon- absent
  • NMAA Chris Kedge-absent
  • NMAA - Jackie Martinez-absent-
  • Adam Kedge (Academy)- Present



  • Secretary Laci Lockwood

o Motion to Dispense: (Minutes were e-mailed to all Board Members ) o Motion: _Doc______; 2nd Bob Vandiver Approved


· Report of the President on activities since Summer Clinic None…been a very bad fall

  • NMTCCCA Scholarship-

o 2 -$500 scholarships, 1- Girl and 1 Boy- Open to those who participate in Track and Field,

o Committee – Joe Giglia – President, Spensor Sielschott, Kathy Brion, Laci Lockwood

o Committee to develop guidelines(based on Character), Eligibility and Review

o Speak with NMAA Foundation for guidance is development of Scholarship

o 1st Set of scholarship to be awarded in Fall of 2017

o Motion: Spenor Sielschott; 2nd Kathy Brion, Motion Carried

  • Marilyn Sepulveda Meet: (Doc Helm)

o Sepulveda 5th & 6th Place Medals

o Mr. Bob Sepulveda will continue to fund the medals for top 3 finishers

o Ribbons to be awarded to places 4-6. Payment for ribbons will be through NMTCCCA board or Sponsorship.

o Award the top 6 on the podium.

o Meet Name Change: Marilyn Sepulveda – Meet of Champions o Motion: Kathy Brion; 2nd: Doc Helm, Motion Carried.


  • Kent Hitchens: Clinic Hotel Room Availability & Special Rates
  • Kent Hitchens : Presentation of Special Award at beginning of General Session o Joe Franklin: UNM Women’s Cross Country Coach: NCAA Champion
  • Bob Vandiver: Cross Country Coaches of the Year


§ A-2A

§ 3A

Girls: Lisa Gikas (Mountainair)

Girls: Tim Host(ATC)

Boys: Joe Mitchell (Maxwell)

Boys: Stephanie ZAhne (Navajo Prep)

§ 4AGirls: Alice Kinilchee (Shiprock) Boys: David Naylor (East Mountain)



Girls: Jeff Turcotte (St. Pius)

Boys: Steve Garcia (Roswell)



Girls: Kenny Henry (Cleveland)

Boys: Bobby Jackson (Hobbs)

  • Selection of NMHSCA Cross Country Coach of the Year: Voted unanimously: Girls: Alice Kinilchee of

Shiprock High School, Boys: Bob Jackson of Hobbs High School

  • Buster Mabrey : Executive Director of the NMHSCA

o The school based membership has increased the amount of people pre-registered for the clinic. 225 the morning of the Clinic.

o Buster – said that he loves working with this clinic and is always here to help.

  • Reflections of the NMAA State Cross Country Meet

o Concerns - None o Discussion - None

o Recommendations - None

  • Joe Giglia : Sports Specific Committee – Nothing, Lisa McMath and Danny Chinia are now the representatives to the committee
  • Joe Giglia: Web Site –
  • Spencer Sielschott : Clinic Director – Financial Reports

o Buster provides a budget of $20,000 for the clinic.

o Grand Total on Spending for this clinic is $18,800

o NMHSCA- Is hosting a session to provide information about Officiating Track meets; Those in attendance still need to pay $30.00 to obtain certification.

o Speaker from UNM has backed out so session are open for Plyo and weights

o This is the last year of the contract with this Hotel as the venue. Let Spensor know if we should look elsewhere.

o If we have any recommendation for Speakers, Regional or National, Suggestions are welcome.

  • Spencer Sielschott – Hall of Fame Inductees: Peter Graham (Santa Fe), Bruce Gomez (Taos), Leroy Chavez (Cimarron) and George Chavez (Tucumcari)
  • Doug Dorame : NMTCCCA Luncheon: Adam Kedge will speak on behalf of Chris Jaramillo.
  • Vacancies on NMTCCCA Executive Committee

o Per NMTCCCA Constitution, the following are up for Nomination to fill the 2016-2018 Term:


o President Elect: Fred Polich

o President Elect: ____________________________________________________

o President Elect: ____________________________________________________

o Small School Northwest: Daniel Otero

o Small School Northwest: _____________________________________________


o Small School Northwest: _____________________________________________

o Large School Northwest: _____________________________________________

o Large School Northwest: _____________________________________________

o Large School Northwest: _____________________________________________

o Small School Southwest : (Vacancy)_____________________________________

o Small School Southwest : (Vacancy)_____________________________________

o Small School Southwest : (Vacancy)_____________________________________

o Small School Central: Tim Host

o Small School Central:_______________________________________________

o Small School Central:_______________________________________________

o Large School Central: _________________________________________________

o Large School Central: _________________________________________________

o Large School Central: _________________________________________________

o Small School: Southeast: Doug Santo

o Small School: Southeast:___________________________________________

o Small School: Southeast:___________________________________________

o Large School Southeast: Brad or Bob

o Large School Southeast:______________________________________________

o Large School Southeast:______________________________________________

o Secretary: Laci Lockwood

o Secretary: ________________________________________________________

Secretary: ________________________________________________________

  • Building a List of Speaker for future Chris Jaramillo Luncheons; Olympians, Olympic Qualifiers, NMAA Champions who are successful: Suggestions
  • Lenny Gurule & Andrea Kexel : Marilyn Sepulveda Meet

o Accurate Entry Marks

o Non-Verified Entry Marks o Date Moved- 4/18/16 -

  • Adam Kedge: Mile Split New Mexico – Should we search out a state editor.
  • Clinic Introduction Assignments:


6:15 – 7:15 p.m.

o Sprints: Joel Call, Judson HS in Converse, TX: Bob Vandiver


o Distance: Doug Soles, Great Oak HS in Temecula, CA: Fred Polich

7:25 – 8:25 p.m.

o Hurdles: James Webb, North Hardin HS in Radcliffe, KY: Kent Hitchens

o 400 Meters: Andress Andrepont, Klein Oak HS in Spring, TX: Doug Santo

o Shot Put: Jim Conger, Midland HS in Midland, TX: Brad Fouts


8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

o Relays: Joel Call, Judson HS in Converse, TX: Bob Vandiver

o Distance: Doug Soles, Great Oaks HS in Temecula, CA: Fred Polich

o Javelin: Rob Lasorsa, M&F Athletics: Joe Giglia

9:45 – 10:45 a.m.

o Hurdles: James Webb, North Hardin HS in Radcliffe, KY: Kent Hitchens

o 800 Meters: Andress Andropont, Klein Oaks HS in Spring, TX: Doug Santos

o Discus: Jim Conger, Midland HS in Midland, TX: Brad Fouts

11::00 a.m - Noon

o TBA: Chris Rupt: Laci Lockwood

o TBA: Austin Brodst: Fred Polich

Responsibilities: Secure Video player and any cords, computers, etc and bring to specified location

Following Luncheon: Help see that all hardware gets to the person and vehicle for transportation

  • Other New Business:

Doc Helm: Thanked Kent Hitchens for service.

  • Motion to Adjourn: Doc Helm; 2nd Joe Giglia approved. Meeting adjourned: 1:38 p.m.



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We are the NMTCCCA !!!

Begun in 1987 by a small group of visionaries with the goal of a NM Meet of Champions, as well as developing better communication and unification between all track and cross country coaches, the New Mexico Track and Cross Country Coaches Association was born and has grown to what you see today. Our association has and must continue to be the guiding force for positive change and the protection of all aspects of New Mexico Track and Cross Country that we believe important to our athletes and our coaches. Changes are a part of life. We are our best "Advocates" for helping to direct that change in a positive and constructive way. We must continue to "Educate" our membership and give them the best tools for success. And, as a professional organization, we must "Celebrate" those successes, those stories, those special moments and actions that make our sports such wonderful tools in helping to mold the youth of New Mexico. We ARE the NMTCCCA !!!