NMTCCCA Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 19, 2018



  1. Call meeting to order President Polich
  2. Welcome Fred Polich
  3. * Fred welcomed all board members in attendance
  4. Roll Call-Ascertain Quorum Director
  5. *All present except for: Bob Vandiver (Grants) ,Bob Jackson (Hobbs),Lacey Lockridge 
  6. Approval of Agenda President
  7. *Motion made and  a second made to approve agenda.
  8. Approval of July 2017 minutes President
  9. *Fred made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting.
  10. *Doc Helm second the motion and the minutes were accepted.


  1. Director’s Report Spencer Sielschott
  1. 2018 NMTCCCA Clinic
  2. * Spencer thanked Buster Mabrey for all his help with the clinic and his ideas he shared with him.
  3. Website
  4. *Spencer congratulated Joe Giglia for his first class job on the NMTCCCA website and the new ability to click on a clinic schedule and presenter material.
  5. Membership: ~ 66 memberships @ $20.00 = ~$1320.00
  6. Finance
  7. *Spencer reported that we had 284 registered which should be enough to cover the cost of the clinic. 
  8. USTCCCA Convention: Phoenix 

Expense: $634.88 Hotel + $325.00 Registration = $959.88   

*Spencer reported his trip was a success and was able to pick up 4 speakers for next years clinic.                                                                        

  1. NMHSCA Buster Mabrey
  2. *Buster stated that the NMTCCCA is indebted to Spencer as he has kept the organization afloat for many years.
  3. *He added that 246 coaches pre registered the largest ever.  In addition, he stated we have 143 members which is also largest ever.
  4. * Most schools in attendance were school base.
  5. * Buster stated he is excited with the numbers and growth of the NMTCCCA organization.
  6. *Buster stated that to make the clinic more cost effective he welcome the idea by the NMTCCCA that he coaches social be adjusted and clinic notebooks were replaced with the ability to get on the website and get the clinic schedule and presenters notes and information.
  7. * Buster stated he loves the clinic and the NMTCCCA and wanted everyone to know that they have his support in every shape and form.
  8. * He stated that the NMTCCCA is financially strong and has good leadership.



  1. Marilyn Sepulveda meet Andrea Kexel/Lenny G
  2. *Andrea Kexel wants to once again remind coaches that they must be members for their athletes to be eligible. 
  3. * There was discussion of moving the meet but it will remain during the same time.
  4. * Aztec was confirmed as once again being the timing system crew for the meet with no payment except for accommodations.
  5. * Awards given will be medals to top 3 and certificates to all in attendance.
  6. *Meet date set for April 16th.
  7. * Buster stated that some places are know requiring organization to have liability insurance for their events and we may want to think about that option to cover any incidents that may occur.
  8. All-Harrier Spencer Sielschott
  9. * Spencer stated the that All-Harrier medals would be given out in the General Session with the assistant of Fred.

Medals = $540.75;  70 @ $6.99.00

  1. Sepulveda Scholarship Doc Helm
  2. *Spencer  stated the organization collected enough vendor money to pay for the Marylyn Scholarships.
  3. *The committee that decides winners consists of Doc Helm, Joe Giglia, Spencer Sielschott, and Kathy Brion.
  4. *Scholarship Information and deadlines can be found on the NMTCCCA website.
  5. NMAA
  1. Cross Country Jackie Martinez
  2. * Jackie Martinez stated she felt the meet went well but is welcoming any feedback to make it better.
  3. * Jackie stated that there is discussion on changing when awards are given out. They are in discussion of instead of waiting until the end of the meet to give them after about 15min. after the completion of a classification. Just and idea of this point no changes made. She would like coaching feedback on this idea and encouraged coaches to contact their sports specific representatives. 
  4. *Jackie stated that the NMAA is seeking new qualifications for A-AA to help with the new classification realignment.  They are currently looking at 6 teams from the district regions and 4 individuals. More details to come at a later date.
  5. * Jackie stated that the State Meet will start at the same time just end early with only 4 classification races this year.
  6. *Jackie is looking for a “Legends of the Course” person or coach to honor this year.  If you have any person that you would like to nominate send her an email.
  7. *Jackie ended by saying if you have any ideas for rule changes contact your sports specific representatives with those ideas.
  8. Track & Field Chris Kedge
  9. *Chris Kedge stated that the State Track Meet will pretty much remain the status quo.
  10. *Chris said this is just an “idea” but the NMAA is looking into adding more areas at the state meet were coaches can coach their kids.
  11. * Chris stated that the State Meet Schedule was sent to Sport Specific to give feedback and is now on posted on the NMAA website.


12:00 LUNCH



  1. Old Business Fred Polich
  1. Elections
  2. * Fred stated that several positions and elections will need done at the general session.
  3. President 
  4. * Fred stated that will we need to nominate a President Elect at the general session and take nominations.
  5. Northwest
  6. * Fred state that we are in need of a Northwest Representatives and will need to take nominations at the general session.
  1. Introductions of Speakers
  1. Badges
  2. *Buster stated that we need to come up with a system to recognize membership.  Some schools are school based but not members of the NMTCCCA. Other are not school base members but members of the NMHSCA and once again not the NMTCCCA.  
  3. Help at registration
  4. *Spencer stated registration will take more time so that we could check membership and payment. 
  5. Help with luncheon
  6. Help with speakers (airport return)
  7. *Spencer request help taking speakers back to the airport.
  8. * David Nunez said he would take Juris Green back with Spencer taking the remaining.
  1. New Business
  2. * Spencer and Fred suggested that regional representatives get an email list of all the coaches in their area to improve communication. When completed forward the list to the NMTCCCA. In addition, encourage them to be members if they are not.
  3. *Spencer made a motion to adjust the All-Harrier qualifications for receiving the award.  He stated that only the top 25 Seniors would be eligible for the award to maintain its integrity.
  4. * David V second the motion with it passing with a favorable board vote of yea



  1. Adjournment
  2. * Kent Hitchens gave a word of thanks to all board members on his departure from the board.  He stated he has enjoyed serving and working with the board to better the sports of track and cross country. He left all with a request to recharge your batteries from time to time and always be a fan of the sport.
  3. * Doc Helm made a motion to adjourn and there was second and pass with a favorable vote of yea from the board.








Member-Spotlight Larry Chavez

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Alum-Spotlight Anika Newell

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