July 26, 2017

9:00 a.m. – Crowne Plaza

Meeting called to Order at 11:00 AM , July 25th, 2017 by NMTCCCA President Bob Vandiver (Grants)-

Roll Call & Quorum Members of the Executive Committee by Secretary Laci Lockwood

  • President – Bob Vandiver (Grants)--Present
  • President-Elect – Fred Polich (Del Norte)-Present
  • Secretary – Laci Lockwood -Present
  • Past President – Kent Hitchens(Carlsbad)-Present
  • Historian: South – Doc Helm (Alamogordo) - Present
  • Historian: North – Fred Polich (Del Norte) - Present
  • Clinic Director – Spencer Sielschott (Sandia) - Present
  • Chris Jaramillo Luncheon – Doug Dorame - Present
  • Executive Director of the NMHSCA: Buster Mabrey - Present

Area Representatives:

  • Northeast Large – Lenny Gurule (St. Michaels) - absent
  • Northeast Small – Joe Giglia (Cimarron)- Present
  • Northwest Large – Open
  • Northwest Small – Daniel Otero (Laguna Acoma)-Present
  • Central Large – Alex Mikaelin (Eldorado)-Present
  • Central Small – Tim Host (Academy for Technology and the Classics-Santa Fe)-Absent
  • Southwest Large – David Nunez (Onate)
  • Southwest Small – David Velasquez (Mesclaero)
  • Southeast Large – Bob Jackson (Hobbs)-Present
  • Southeast Small – Dusty Loftis (Jal)-Absent


  • Marilyn Sepulveda Meet - Andrea Kexel (Del Norte)-Present
  • All-Harrier - Absent
  • NMAA Chris Kedge-Present
  • NMAA - Jackie Martinez-absent-
  • Adam Kedge (Academy)- Present
  • 5 guest Coaches
  • Secretary Laci Lockwood:

o Motion to Dispense: (Minutes posted on Website )

o Motion: _Joe Giglia_____; 2nd Bob Vandiver Approved @11:45


  • President Fred Polich (Del Norte) READING “High Lights” of yesterday afternoon’s Executive Board Sessions:
  • New Business Discussed:
  • What we can do to improve in our Association: presented by Spencer Sielschott

o Membership- how to improve, need 250 coaches to pay for items we pay for.

o Why would someone join our association? Particularly Assistant Coaches

§ Board might pick an assistant coach of the year per class and gender

§ Can’t be a voting member unless you pay your dues

§ We offer education, celebration and insurance protection

o For NMHSC – Buster would benefit from better communication would help

§ Cut cost on Jan. Clinic – Jan- we will not publish the book. It will be on a flash drive

o Website Forum – We are not getting as much traffic as we use to.

§ Electronic Newsletter via email – Coach, Assistant Coach, AD and Principal

§ Can be used advertisement as well as information

o Marilyn Sepulveda – Where do task fall and who will take care the Sepulveda in the future

o Ideas for the Clinic

§ Bring in Honored Guest?

§ Speakers?

§ Ideas on what can we can do to make things better

o Suggested that sports specific should be on 4 yr. term to NMAA

o Go Back to board notebook

o WE would like the President to attend sports specific committee meetings as a bridge

o Discussed an Executive Director position NMTCCCA

o We need a process to change and adopt ideas mentioned above

· Discussion about membership dropping due for school based…..

  • Need guest speakers

· NMAA offering office spaces as meal values in needed

· Why not put in on our own meet, in place of Great Southwest – Chris Kedge

Proposal – to put on a meet of champions one week after the season---
Motion by Joe Giglia to look into hosting a real meet of champions 1 meet following the big school meet. Second by Kent Hitchens.
Committee – Andrea Kexel, Lenny Gurlue, Fred Polich, Alex Mikaelian, Adam Kedge, Spencer Sielschott

  • Sepulveda Scholarship-

· Committee – Joe Giglia – President, Spencer Sielschott, Kathy Brion, Doc Helm

o Girl -Naomi Tse a yahoo – Aztec HS, Attend San Juan College - $750 – 5 total applicants

o Boy – 1 did not finish season in good standing

o March 15, 2018 deadline


  • Marilyn Sepulveda: Andrea Kexel

o Andrea will send list of responsibilities

o Needs: buying of Hip numbers and ribbons

o Discussion on Thoughts on commemorating event

  • Chris Kedge : NMAA – Cross Country and Track and Field

o Everything is good to go in Rio Rancho for State Meet

o No coaches meeting the night before

o Coaches Meeting

o Track and Field
Last year of the 6 A block

o Maybe a new venue 2 years

o Maybe a change in a schedule

o Maybe a change in coaching area

o Revisit qualifying standards when NMAA goes back to 5 classes

o Chris is open to suggestions

o Questions about State records when NMAA goes back to 5 classes

o Question to NMAA- Running 800 m. Relay in at the State meet

  • Spencer Sielschott : Introduction of the Hall of Honor

o Alice Kinilchee (Shiprock)

o Lenny Gurlue (St. Micheals)

o Sal Gonzales (Rio Rancho)

o Daniel Osuna (Silver HS)

  • Proposed Executive Directorship

o Job Description for the proposed Executive Directorship

o Motion: Joe Giglia, 2nd : David Velasquez
Motion Passed

o Spencer Sielschott was elected Executive Director of NMTCCCA upon approval of membership at the general session in January

  • Bob Vandiver: President announced his retirement from Grants HS and NMTCCCA Presidency. As of 7/25/2017 – NMTCCCA President is turned over to President Elect – Fred Polich
  • Motion to Adjourn: David Velasquez; 2nd Kent Hitchens approved. Meeting adjourned: 1:31 p.m.


Member-Spotlight Larry Chavez

davidNunezLarry Chavez is the 112th inductee into the NMAA Hall of Fame, with a career in education that spanned over 38 years. He devoted his entire career to the youth of New Mexico.....



Alum-Spotlight Anika Newell

christiangering Newell, a graduate from Highland High School and 3-time State Champion, has attended two Olympic games for team Canada.



NM-Spotlight Rachel Dincoff

lobos2ndFormer New Mexico State volunteer assistant track and field coach Rachel Dincoff reached the pinnacle of her event...



We are the NMTCCCA !!!

Begun in 1987 by a small group of visionaries with the goal of a NM Meet of Champions, as well as developing better communication and unification between all track and cross country coaches, the New Mexico Track and Cross Country Coaches Association was born and has grown to what you see today. Our association has and must continue to be the guiding force for positive change and the protection of all aspects of New Mexico Track and Cross Country that we believe important to our athletes and our coaches. Changes are a part of life. We are our best "Advocates" for helping to direct that change in a positive and constructive way. We must continue to "Educate" our membership and give them the best tools for success. And, as a professional organization, we must "Celebrate" those successes, those stories, those special moments and actions that make our sports such wonderful tools in helping to mold the youth of New Mexico. We ARE the NMTCCCA !!!