January 22, 2016

4:05 p.m. – Sheraton Uptown

Meeting called to Order at 4:05 p.m.., January 22 rd , by NMTCCCA President Kent Hitchens (Carlsbad) Kent Hitchens: Presentation of Special Recognition Award

o Joe Franklin: UNM Women’s Cross Country Coach: NMCCA Champion – 2015

Introduction of Members of the Executive Committee by President Kent Hitchens

  • President Kent Hitchens (Carlsbad) -Present
  • President-Elect – Bob Vandiver (Grants) - Present
  • Secretary Laci Lockwood (East Mountain) - Present
  • Past President – Kelly Osuna (Cobre) - Absent
  • Historian: South – Doc Helm (Alamogordo) - Present
  • Historian: North – Fred Polich (Del Norte) - Present
  • Clinic Director – Spencer Sielschott (Sandia) - Present
  • Chris Jaramillo Luncheon Doug Dorame - Present
  • Executive Director of the NMHSCA: Buster Mabrey - Present

Area Representatives:

  • Northeast Large – Lenny Gurule (St. Michaels)-Present
  • Northeast Small – Joe Giglia (Cimarron) - Present
  • Northwest Large – Chris Carroll (Zuni) - Present
  • Northwest Small – Daniel Otero (Laguna Acoma) - Present
  • Central Large – Kathy Brion (Eldorado) - Present
  • Central Small – Tim Host (Academy for Technology and the Classics-Santa Fe) - Absent
  • Southwest Large – David Nunez (Onate) - Absent
  • Southwest Small – (Vacant)
  • Southeast Large – Brad Fouts (Hobbs) - Present
  • Southeast Small – Doug Santo (Loving) - Present

Absent: Kelly Osuna, David Nunez and Tim Host


  • Secretary Laci Lockwood (East Mountain): Review of Summer NMTCCCA Executive Meeting o Acceptance of NMHSCA proposal to fund NMTCCCA Clinic: $25,000

§ Rationale: In the event of a “winter event”, the clinic losses would be covered.

o Discussion about talking to the APS Superintendent and/or APS Athletic Director about meet limitations on APS School

§ Board felt that we would do more harm than good

o Named NMTCCA Track Coaches of the Year (To be presented tomorrow)

  • Secretary Laci Lockwood (East Mountain) READING “High Lights” of this afternoon’s Executive Board Sessions:
  • All Board Members present except: Kelly Osuna, David Nunez and Tim Host

· We reviewed NMTCCCA Cross Country Coaches of the Year. (To be presented tomorrow)

· We heard from Adam Kedge, Albuquerque Academy concerning the New Mexico Mile Split Web Site

  • NMAA Representatives were not present today.


  • Kent Hitchens: NMTCCCA President thanked all of the Board Members for their service
  • Election of Officers for 2016:

o Per NMTCCCA Constitution, the following are up for Nomination to fill the 2016-2018 Term:


o President Elect: Fred Polich – Del Norte

o Small School Northwest: Daniel Otero – Laguna - Acoma o Large School Northwest: Paul Anderson – Los Alamos

o Small School Southwest : (Vacancy) – David Velasquez – Mescalero Apache

o Small School Central: Tim Host - ATC

o Large School Central: Alex Mikaelian - Eldorado

o Small School: Southeast: Dusti Lofftis - Jal

o Large School Southeast: Bob Jackson - Hobbs

o Secretary: Laci Lockwood – East Mountain

  • Motion to Elect by Acclamation: All Unopposed Nominees:
  • Bob Vandiver : NMTCCCA President presented outgoing President Kent Hitchens with Plaque


· Buster Mabrey: Executive Director of the NMHSCA gave his report

  • Kent Hitchens : Reported for Sports Specific Committee
  • Joe Giglia: Reported on the Web Site
  • Spencer Sielschott : Clinic Director gave a Financial Reports
  • Doug Dorame: gave an update on the Luncheon
  • Discussion of NMAA Rule Clinic
  • Lenny Gurule & Andrea Kexel spoke on the Marilyn Sepulveda Meet
  • Other New Business: None
  • Motion to Adjourn: Doc Helm ; 2nd Chris Carrol -Meeting Adjourned at 4:49 p.m.


Member-Spotlight Larry Chavez

davidNunezLarry Chavez is the 112th inductee into the NMAA Hall of Fame, with a career in education that spanned over 38 years. He devoted his entire career to the youth of New Mexico.....



Alum-Spotlight Anika Newell

christiangering Newell, a graduate from Highland High School and 3-time State Champion, has attended two Olympic games for team Canada.



NM-Spotlight Rachel Dincoff

lobos2ndFormer New Mexico State volunteer assistant track and field coach Rachel Dincoff reached the pinnacle of her event...



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